Praying with De Mello

September 1, 2021 in News

FROM THE ARCHIVES :: Fr Anthony de Mello, the Indian Jesuit and renowned prayer and meditation teacher, was born in Mumbai on 4 September 1931. In this archived interview with Eileen Good of Soul Waves Radio (which ended in September 2020), John Callanan SJ describes what it was De Mello did during his short life. Fr Callanan has written several books attempting to bring De Mello’s vitality and energy to a new audience. Here, he refers to De Mello’s spiritual influence in many countries including the United States and Ireland.

He notes the deep impression the Indian Jesuit made on many people during his retreat workshops in Ireland, particularly with his skillful use of storytelling. Fr Callanan tells his own story when he facilitated a Parish event including a totally unexpected message about God and prayer. He follows De Mello’s example who spent most of his life talking about God’s goodness and encouraging people to live in the present. Listen to the interview above.