Jesuit answers questions on ‘life after death’ in new book

May 22, 2012 in 2012

Is there a hell? Where has limbo gone? What will heaven be like? Will I ever meet my dead loved ones again?  Do people face judgement when they die? Just some of the questions tackled by Jesuit theologian Brian Grogan in his latest book Where to from Here?The Christian Vision of the Afterlife, just published by Veritas.

According to the author, questions like these about ‘the last things’ have been ‘closed for repair’ for quite some time and he wants to start the conversation again, and offer some fresh insights on questions that have troubled humankind since its beginning.

Though a well known academic and former President of the Milltown Institute of Philosophy and Theology in Dublin, his approach is, “ wise without being preachy, scholarly without being overly academic and hopeful without being naive – and he covers almost any question that a person might have about ‘life after death’.” (James Martin SJ, editor of America magazine)

In his book, Brian Grogan tells the story of the preacher addressing the congregation: “You all want to go to heaven, isn’t that true?”  “Yes” they respond enthusiastically. “Well raise your right hand if you want to go there now” Silence. Heads down. And he notes that his own long-time interest in the topic has developed a certain urgency with the passing years. “And for any human being, believer or not, death and the possibility of life after death, is always a question to be faced sooner or later.”

The argument throughout the book from Grogan is that God’s loving relationship with us, revealed in Jesus Christ, can never be broken. And according to James Martin, Where to from Here? offers an imaginative departure in exploring a dimension of reality too long neglected.