St Brigid, spiritual spring cleaning, and the synod

February 6, 2024 in Featured News, News

Messenger Publications, the publishing house of the Irish Jesuits, has just released the February edition of the Sacred Heart Messenger.

This edition features The ‘Story of Saint Brigid’, as her feast day is celebrated on February 1. Also, 2024 marks the 1500th anniversary of her death. ‘The contribution of Christianity to Ireland’ gives readers a further glimpse into the era of Saint Brigid and features some of Ireland’s ancient Christian landmarks such as St Fionan’s Monastery, Skellig Michael and St Kevin’s monastic settlement in Glendalough.

As spring approaches, Andrea Hayes discusses inner change with a ‘spiritual spring cleaning’, and Father Tom Cox writes about dealing with change, challenges and remaining present during life’s storms with the help of God.

Other articles include an insider’s account of the recent synodal process in Rome, the incredible life story of Brother Charley Conor (Chah), who has a special apostolate to people coming to Clongowes Wood College SJ for a blessing with the John Sullivan cross: “Everyone who comes always receieves an extraordinary welcome”. Also Blessed Rupert Mayer, who faced very dark moments in his ministry with courage, faith and hope. Father John Cullen talks about Jesus, noting he was a homeless migrant, and that for us to turn our backs on such people today is to forget our Christian identity. Father Gerard Condon encourages readers to focus on their prayers and deeds during Lent, praising God and helping others, rather than only concentrating on our own wellbeing.

The edition also includes the usual features of cooking recipes, reflections, Scriptures and crosswords.

You can purchase the February messenger here »