Care for oneself, care for others

June 10, 2020 in coronavirus, News

Irish Jesuit Brendan McManus, who has written a great deal about mental health from an Ignatian perspective, led a webinar for educators who work in Jesuit schools in many countries on 5 June. The theme of the webinar was ‘Cura Personalis in the Crisis: How Can We Take Care of Ourselves and Our Students?’

The purpose of the event was to reflect on how the insights of the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius can help teachers to meet the unique demands of the Covid-19 lockdown. Brendan stressed self-care as a matter of primary concern. It is only when teachers are looking after themselves appropriately that they will be in the right condition to teach well and to attend to the needs of their students. Contributing to this care are emotional awareness, the discernment of spirits, agere contra (acting against negative behaviours), and good decision making.

The webinar was organised by Educate Magis », a community of over 8,000 Jesuit and Ignatian school educators from around the world. Attendees included teachers from schools in India, the Philippines, United States, Mexico, Nepal, Spain, Argentina, Ecuador, and various other countries.

The webinar was carried out in an interview style. To read a typescript and to view the recorded webinar, click here »