Niall’s Notes

Niall’s Notes is a collection of emails that Fr Niall Leahy SJ sends each month to a group of young men who want to know more about life as a Jesuit priest or brother. You can subscribe here to receive these messages directly to your inbox.

Courage for the mission

April 16, 2024

May Christ’s victory on Calvary fill you with courage for the mission ahead. As always, here are some links to discover more about Jesuit life and mission.  Why religious life?...

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They came and saw

November 30, 2023

Four enquirers came to the recent come and see vocations weekend at Gardiner Street. On the Friday evening we heard two inspiring Jesuit vocation stories. On Saturday we read and...

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Learn Discern Decide

October 9, 2023

Before you discern, learn! People learn about the Jesuits in all sorts of ways: some attend Jesuit schools, universities, churches and ministries, they see us in action and talk to...

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Mission, retreat and celebration

July 17, 2023

Summer is here and it brings opportunities for mission, retreat and celebration. Mission: Magis and WYD Magis is the Jesuit pre-World Youth Day programme, which this year will be held...

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Death and Resurrection

April 7, 2023

Every vocation is marked by death and resurrection—Easter is the pattern of our Christian lives. Praise God! I hope these monthly vocation emails are helping you on your journey. Sam’s...

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Lent is here!

February 24, 2023

Lent is the season of prayer, fasting and almsgiving…in secret. This Lent may your secret life with God be a true source of consolation for you and may you hear...

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Be not afraid

January 13, 2023

I hope you had a blessed Christmas and that the new year has begun in a spirit of hope. I share a few things that might be of interest to...

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New Jesuit vocations film

November 17, 2022

I didn’t get around to sending an email in October so this email is overdue! In any case, I hope you are all keeping well and confident in the Lord....

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The intellectual life

September 17, 2022

AMDG Today is the feast day of St. Robert Bellarmine, a Jesuit, a theologian, and a cardinal. He is a patron saint of theologians and an important saint for us...

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First vows

August 17, 2022

AMDG On Monday we celebrated the Assumption of Our Lady, the feast day on which St. Ignatius and the first Jesuits took their first vows. In this month’s email I...

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